Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017: The logo revealed

The Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017 revolves around the Hockey Players. They are the stars of the event and both EHF and KNHB decided the event will be athlete centric.

Therefore the image in the logo represents all these Hockey Stars in one colourful star.

Many of the colours of the flags of the countries participating in this EHC2017 are represented in this star. The use of colour in the star makes the logo cheerful and inviting as well and shows the diversity of all countries. And, of course, a hockey stick forms a significant part of the star shape.

The star figure in the logo itself is made up of ten components which together form a whole; each share represents one of the participating countries. In contrast with the colourful star is the background colour KNHB and EHF deliberately chose blue, to emphasise the European character of the tournament.