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General information

Are there any restaurants at the venue?

Yes, La Place provides various facility's where you can have something to eat an/or drink.

Where can I watch the REHC matches?

Please read the news item on the website (https://goo.gl/HTma46) to see which TV channel in your nation broadcasts the REHC matches.

Which stands are covered?

West High, East High and the grandstand are covered. West Low, East Low, and the complete South Stand are open.

Are there lockers available for use?

No, there are no lockers at the venue.


How do I order tickets?

You can book e-tickets via the website, after which the tickets will be sent to you by e-mail. You can also opt for a ‘fan’ ticket, which will be sent to you by regular mail.

How do I make the payment for the tickets?

The Eventim system accepts payments by iDeal and by credit card.

Are tickets personalized?

Although the name of the buyer is visible on the tickets, this is not relevant to the visitors that use the tickets. Names will not be checked when entering the venue.

Can I leave the tournament and come back later in the day?

Yes. If you leave the event early you will be given a card to get back in. When you return, you are asked to show both the card and your regular ticket.

What does my ticket give access to?

A passe-partout gives access to all the matches at the Wagener stadium. A day ticket gives access to all the matches at the Wagener stadium, but only on a specific tournament day. The passe-partouts include a seat number. The day tickets are assigned to a certain section of the stadium, with free seating within that section.

Is it possible to buy a ticket with a reduced admission fee for only one specific match?

No. The day tickets are for a full day’s matches.

I am having trouble with my reservation or payment through Eventim. What should I do?

You can get in touch with the Eventim Customer Contact Center via 0900-1353 (€0.45 per minute).

I have bought tickets but I can’t come after all. Can I return them?

No. Tickets cannot be returned to either the KNHB or Eventim. Nor can they be sold to someone else.

Can I buy tickets anywhere else?

Eventim is the only official ticket supplier for the Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017. You may come across tickets being sold elsewhere for higher prices. The KNHB takes no responsibility for this.

How do I get access to the venue?

Your ticket will be scanned at the entrance, then you can enter the event site. Please note that there will be a baggage check for safety purposes after your ticket is scanned.


Where can I park?

It is possible to purchase parking tickets for your visit to the RaboEuroHockey Championships 2017 in Amsterdam (https://goo.gl/J7JsGU). This parking ticket will assure you of the most carefree journey to the Wagener Stadium. Parking in the area surrounding the venue is for residents only (owning a parking permit). If you do park here, you will risk a fine. There are two parking sites during the Rabo EuroHockey Championships: the Amsterdam RAI and the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’. Visitors that park at the Amsterdam RAI will be transferred to the Wagner Stadium by shuttle buses. You can obtain your parking ticket when you order your event tickets. There are 500 parking spaces available at the ‘Amsterdamse Bos’. From there, the entrance to the venue is only a 5-minute walk away. If the location at the Amsterdamse Bos has reached its maximum capacity, the parking tickets for the Amsterdam RAI will become available for sale. If you have questions about the parking tickets, please contact us at evenementen@knhb.nl.

From what time can I take the shuttle bus from Amsterdam RAI to the venue?

The shuttle buses will start to drive back and forth at the follwing times:
Friday 18 August 05.00 pm
Saturday 19 August 08.00 am
Sunday 20 August 08.00 am
Monday 21 August 11.00 am
Tuesday 22 August 11.00 am
Wednesday 23 August 08.30 am
Thursday 24 August 11.00 am
Friday 25 August 11.00 am
Saturday 26 August 10.30 am
Sunday 27 August 08.00 am

Can I use the shuttle buses when I travel to Amsterdam RAI by train/public transport

Yes, everyone is free to use the shuttle buses.


How many days am I expected to volunteer?

The organisers prefer if volunteers can help out during the entire tournament, so priority will be given to those who can work every day. The minimum amount of required availability is five days.

Will I be on duty all day?

That depends on what you do. Duties will be organised in two shifts per day, but given the nature of the tournament, some shifts may run a bit late from time to time. The organisers will try to limit this as much as possible.

Will I be paid for my efforts?

No, volunteers are not paid.

Will I recieve special clothing to to wear?

Yes, volunteers will be given specific clothing to wear during the tournament.

Are meals included?

Yes. Each volunteer will be given one meal (lunch or dinner) per shift, including non-alcoholic drinks.

Am I allowed to watch matches with my volunteer accreditation?

The accreditation for volunteers includes access to the stadium. However, the accreditation can only be used when the volunteers are on duty, for example during a lunch break. The accreditation does not give access to the tournament when the volunteer is not on duty.

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