Urban Hockey Experience

In the run up to the Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017, Amsterdam is hosting the Urban Hockey Experience, designed to spread the word about hockey and have a positive impact on disadvantaged areas in the city. The event will give children who don’t usually come into contact with the world of hockey the chance to try out urban hockey for themselves.

Urban Hockey is a challenging form of the game played on the street and in playgrounds. The Urban Hockey Experience will run from now until August 28th and includes street hockey matches in teams of three or five, plus urban tricks, battles and challenges.

The Dutch hockey association KNHB and Amsterdam city sports council are organising training sessions at play areas across the city.

European championship hockey
The Urban Hockey Experience will reach its peak during the Rabo EuroHockey Championships which take place in August. The city’s Olympiaplein, close to the Olympic Stadium, will be transformed into an Urban City. The Championships’ venue, the Wagener Stadion, is at four kilometers distance and will accommodate also an Urban Hockey area. Between City and the Wagener Stadion there will be riding an American Schoolbus as a shuttle bus for free. Let’s go Urban!

More Side events

Saturday 26 August
S.B.H.C. Xenios - Ringvaartdijk 21, 1066 DE Amsterdam
Friday 25 August
S.B.H.C. Xenios, Ringvaartdijk 21, 1066 DE Amsterdam
Friday 18 August - Sunday 27 August
H.V. HIC - Escapade 7, 1183 NM Amstelveen